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Amorim Gerações

Privacy policy

Amorim Gerações strives to protect its users' data. Learn all about protecting the privacy and personal data of our customers and users of our products and services.

1.1. What is personal data?

Personal data is any information, of any nature and on any medium (ex sound or image), relating to an identified or identifiable natural person.
An identifiable person is one who can be identified directly or indirectly by eg by name, identification number, location data, identifier electronic or other elements that allow the identification of that natural person.

1.2.Who are the holders of personal data?

The customer or user, a natural person, to whom the data relates and who enjoys the Amorim Gerações services.

1.3 What categories of personal data do we process?

The categories of data we treat are as follows:

Base Data
Identification and contacts
other identification data
Civil or tax identification number, payment details, address of billing / installation, telephone contact or email address; date of birth, gender or household information
Products and services purchased or subscribed
Profile and interests
Interests in Amorim Gerações products
Service usage data
Service usage information (traffic)
The destination and origin numbers of the calls made, date / time of the communication
Geographic reference of the customer or terminal equipment at a given time or when using the services
Information included in customer communications.
Usage profile
Data resulting from product views

There are several possible circumstances in which we process your personal data.


When you have your express consent - in writing or by validating an option - and prior and if that consent is free, informed, specific and unambiguous. Per For example, we may use your personal data with your consent to analyze the use of services and consumption profile and make recommendations or send messages of marketing, to use your identification data or service usage data to sending marketing messages and emails.

Compliance with legal obligation

When the processing of personal data is necessary for the conclusion, execution and management of contract entered into by Amorim Gerações is subject, such as the communication of identification or traffic data to law enforcement, judicial, tax or other regulatory or location data to ensure emergency services.

Legitimate Interest

When the processing of personal data corresponds to the legitimate interest of Amorim generations or third parties, such as data processing for: improving service quality, fraud detection and revenue protection, and when our reasons for using it should prevail over your data protection rights.

3.1 How long do we process your personal data?

Your personal data is processed by Amorim Gerações only for the period of time necessary for the achievement of the defined purpose or, whichever is applicable, until that exercises its right of opposition, right to be forgotten or withdraws consent. After the respective conservation period has passed, Amorim Gerações will delete the data whenever they should not be kept for a different purpose that may exist.


Marketing and Sales

Customer management and service provision

Accounting, Tax and Administrative Management

Litigation Management

Fraud detection, revenue protection and auditing

Network and systems management

Examples of purpose (not exhaustive)

- Marketing or selling new products

- Analysis of consumption profiles

- Adaptation and development

- Management of contacts, information or orders

- Complaint management

- Billing, collection and payment management

- Analysis of consumption

- Accounting, billing

- commission management

- Tax information, including sending information to the tax authority

- Judicial and extrajudicial collection

- Management of other conflicts

- Detection of fraud and illicit practices

- protection and control of recipes

- Credit risk management

- Internal audit and investigation

- Support and improvement of networks and applications that support the service

- Service monitoring, improvement and support

What are the deadlines for processing and retaining personal data?

Amorim Gerações processes and preserves your personal data according to the purposes for which they are treated. There are cases in which the law requires the processing and storage of data for a period of time minimum, namely: for one year, traffic and location data for the purposes of investigation, detection and prosecution of serious crimes and for 10 years the data necessary to information to the Tax Authority for accounting or tax purposes.

But, whenever there is no specific legal obligation, then the data will be processed only for the period necessary to fulfill the purposes that motivated its collection and preservation and always in accordance with the law, CNPD guidelines and decisions.

Thus, Amorim Gerações will process and maintain your data for the period in which it maintains a contractual relationship with you.

We collect personal data with your consent when you purchase Amorim products Generations or when participating in market research.
The collection is made through the Amorim Gerações website.

What are your rights?

- Right of access

Right to obtain confirmation of what personal data are processed and information about them, for example, what are the purposes of the treatment, what are the conservation periods, among others. Right to see / hear or obtain a copy, for example of invoices or written agreements.

Right of rectification

Right to request rectification of your personal data that is indexed or request that incomplete personal data be completed, such as address, TIN e-mail, telephone contacts, among others.

- Right to erase data or "right to be forgotten"

Right to have your personal data deleted, as long as there are no valid grounds for its conservation, such as the cases in which Amorim Generations have to retain the data to comply with a legal preservation obligation for investigation, detection and prosecution of crimes or because you are in a judicial process.

-Right to withdraw consent or right to object

Right to object or withdraw your consent, at any time to the processing of data, for example in the case of data processing for marketing purposes, provided that it is not verify legitimate interests that prevail over their interests, rights and freedoms, such as defending a right in a judicial process.

-Right of limitation

Right to request the limitation of the processing of your data, as to: suspension of the processing or limiting the scope of processing to certain categories of data or purposes of treatment.

-Right to complain

Right to submit the complaint to the supervisory authority, CNPD, National Commission for Data Protection, beyond the company.

How can you exercise your rights?

The exercise of rights is free of charge, unless it is a manifest request unfounded or excessive, in which case a reasonable fee may be charged taking into account the costs. The information must be provided in writing. The response to requests should be provided within a maximum period of 30 days, unless it is a particularly complex request.

Exercise your rights at the following addresses:

Address: Rua D. Gonçalo de Sousa, 278

4610-454 Felgueiras

Monday to Friday 9.00 to 12.3 and from 14.00 to 18.3 - Saturdays 9.00 to 12.00

Fax: 255 313 029

E-mail: [email protected]

Under what circumstances is your personal data communicated to other entities, subcontractors or third parties?

Your data may be transmitted to subcontractors for processing by them on behalf of the Amorim Gerações. In this case Amorim Gerações will take the necessary measures to guarantee that subcontractors respect and protect the holder's personal data.

Amorim Gerações has implemented the logical, physical, organizational and security measures adequate, necessary and sufficient to protect your personal data against destruction, loss, diffusion, unauthorized access or any other form of accidental or unlawful treatment.

Amorim Gerações has implemented:

Logical security requirements and measures, such as the use of Firewall and security systems intrusion detection in your systems, the existence of a strict data policy personal details of customers or users (logging)

We recommend that you do not save your password in the Browser, since someone else with access to the your computer, you can view and use your personal information. You should keep this information safe because it is your responsibility if any action or request is made through your account.